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Apache2 Ssi Not Working


Follow him on Twitter. These variables may be displayed at run time using the #printenv SSI element. Thanks in advance, JoeyClick to expand... NEED HELP? | [SOLVED] | MS hide A little nonsense now and then... . http://emhsoft.net/not-working/apache2-not-working-mac.php

Forum Statistics Discussions: 53,879 Messages: 285,600 Members: 91,977 Latest Member: kahonel Share This Page Tweet Howtoforge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials Home Forums > Linux Forums > Server Operation > English For now, here are some examples of what you can do with SSI Today's date The echo function just spits out the value of a variable. We are no java programmers but if you want the source to extend, bug fix (there may be a couple!) etc. The LAST_MODIFIED variable is set for the page/url/uri requested by the user and is not modified to reflect any included files. http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/why-my-apache-server-side-include-ssi-is-not-working/

Apache 2.2 Ssi Not Working

Thanks for taking the time to help!! Citing work with a publication year in the future Lab colleague uses cracked software. So, to add SSI directives to an existing page, rather than having to change the file name, you would just need to make the file executable using chmod.

If this is a game thread and you are going to post I hope you have read the Original Post. So, for example, if you want to use the old conditional processing syntax across all webs (and what idiot is going to rewrite all their SSI just to move to a As a short-cut, the function name v is also available inside mod_include. Error An Unknown Filter Was Not Added Includes Apache Here's where you should add it, not above.

From this release on it croaks and requires that you use this spiffy new format. Apache 2.4 Ssi Not Working It still works!Me thinketh that "AddHandler server-parsed" directive applies to the main file extension, not to the included files. For example, you might place a directive into an existing HTML page, such as: And, when the page is served, this fragment will be evaluated and replaced with There are two ways to do this.

Should I trust a website which breaks when I use a complex password? A2enmod Include It is not set if a query string is not present. In error.log [error] an unknown filter was not added: includes –Mike Jul 11 '12 at 0:27 Commenting out the line AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml gets rid of the error, but Group: WDG Moderators Posts: 17,193 Joined: 9-August 06 Member No.: 6 QUOTENo I don't think you need to specify the included files' extensions (.inc etc), at least I haven't.You do if

Apache 2.4 Ssi Not Working

flow control IF, ELIF, ELSE, ENDIF constructs for conditional processing. http://serverfault.com/questions/406601/ssi-includes-not-working-on-debian-with-apache In this way we can get the last modified date for the 'real' file whereas if we used LAST_MODIFIED directly in our included footer file it would only change when we Apache 2.2 Ssi Not Working At the start of an echo element, the default is set to entity, resulting in entity encoding (which is appropriate in the context of a block-level HTML element, e.g. Server Side Include Not Working Note that a backend server or dynamic content generator may generate an ETag of its own, ignoring no-etag, and this ETag will be passed by mod_include regardless of the value

So if you want to bind such an operator more tightly, you should use parentheses. this contact form The SSILastModified directive overrides this behaviour, and allows the Last-Modified header to be respected if already present, or set if the header is not already present. The script is supplied with the QUERY_STRING and PATH_INFO variables. The current Debian config file /etc/apache2/mods-available/mime.conf contains an error in that it adds the following: [...] AddType text/html .shtml AddOutputFilter INCLUDES .shtml [...] without first checking whether mod_include.c Ah00082: An Unknown Filter Was Not Added: Includes

SSI is not working. Including a standard footer If you are managing any site that is more than a few pages, you may find that making changes to all those pages can be a real If the KeptBodySize directive is correctly configured and valid for this included file, attempts to POST requests to the enclosing HTML document will be passed through to subrequests as POST have a peek here The use of #include virtual is almost always prefered to using either #exec cgi or #exec cmd.

No, create an account now. Apache Include Module If set to url, then URL encoding (also known as %-encoding; this is appropriate for use within URLs in links, etc.) will be performed. Use .htaccess?

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virtual Accepts any relative format, for instance, '../../' or '/absolute/path/and/file' but only on this server. Why do they do this stuff? I have this.AddType text/html .shtmlAddHandler server-parsed .shtml .html .incAfter I read your reply, I tried something stupid for the fun of it ...I commented out :AddHandler server-parsed .incand went to a Options +includes etc.). (example) Note: the 'http://' string is required because the $HTTP_HOST variable does not supply it - where HTTP_REFERER used in the previous example returns a full URL/URI.

Anything that's not recognized as a variable or an operator is treated as a string. Nothing in the html files appears. Should I edit the httpd.conf? Check This Out In conclusion with the rule above that means, mod_include evaluates at first the left expression.

The syntax is the same. Using an include file for a header and/or a footer can reduce the burden of these updates. Examples ... This file is bytes.

I leave it for those who could spend a whole day looking for such an evident thing, like me... The valid attributes are: echomsg (Apache 2.1 and later) The value is a message that is sent back to the client if the echo element attempts to echo an undefined Thanks for your help! Why is looping over find's output bad practice?

How to handle swear words in quote / transcription? NEED HELP? | [SOLVED] | MS hide A little nonsense now and then... . decoding Specifies whether Apache should strip an encoding from the variable before processing the variable further. Variable Meaning isJS If set (TRUE) the client is a browser from any company that supports a generic version 4 feature set, specifically it supports DHTML, CSS and Javascript 1.3 compatibility

SSIs may be used for many purposes as may be seen from the descriptions and examples below. Use the syntax that is shown in the file on the 'AddType application/x-httpd-php .php' line to make the following instead: AddType application/x-httpd-php .html EDIT: Don't put it at the start of Normally, you would edit apache2.conf. All the information relates to PHP5 and Apache 2.x (currently 2.4).

The include virtual element should be used in preference to exec cgi. This file is bytes. code for MS DHTML DOM .... .... ... Note, that strings are compared literally (using strcmp(3)).

SSILastModified Directive Description:Controls whether Last-Modified headers are generated by the server. string1