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Bbc On Roku Not Working


Robbie I've been having BBC marvellous iPlayer problems, anyone else this week? Should I buy Roku 3 or Amazon Tv ? and restore iPlayer service as it was for those with no BBC radio and want round-the-house BBC reception. Elaine Mary McAllister Can I suggest that you complain to BBC Radio 4 consumer programme, "You and Yours" I have, and the more people who do this, then it is more

tried re set up still no good. Lewis I keep getting an error saying cannot show content, why is my BBC iPlayer not working? I reset all my settings and removed all apps while trying to fix it so now have no recomended apps either. HELP! http://www.eyeondemand.com/2015/10/13/eye-on-a-tip-load-bbc-iplayer-onto-us-roku/

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Any ideas anyone?? Florrie Exactly same problem and same TV! Newer Post Older Post Home ADULT Roku Channels 80 Best Roku Channels Roku Private Channels Top Roku Movie Channels NFL Now - News! It's not rocket science for it to keep periodically retrying to establish the programme!

Gotcha: Year, there is always a gotcha. There are two options you could use to achieve that:a. maybe time to switch to sky @maryhippychick @bbcradio4 @bbcthearchers noooooo due to a glitch on iplayer radio there is an omnibus of alan bennett instead of the archers @BBCiPlayer @jpalfreeman hi, Bbc Iplayer Roku Private Channel vpn master not working on bbc iplayer @m_le_ness @bbciplayer any ongoing issues with xbox 360 iplayer app?

Gordon Torrie No downloaded programmes will play "We're sorry - This downloaded programme cannot be played." (On all 8 downloads) Penny Butler Just bought an expensive Samsung supposedly all singing all I can view the content just fine on the apps but when i click play the little circle just goes around for about 20-30 seconds then it comes up a message Been trying for 3 days now & just keep getting the same error message. "Try again later". http://www.a516digital.com/2015/08/iplayer-fault-blights-roku-users.html After a while I get a message saying ‘its a temporary problem, try another programme'.

not happy! @tomdolman anyone else's iplayer not working? @Kirstyearnshaw4 @bbciplayer why is bbc iplayer not working on my xbox one @sjstringer @btcare thank you. Bbc Roku Private Channel i live in new zealand so iplayer doesn't work here @shannon_coppen @bbciplayer why is iplayer not working!!! @Comptinator the wii u iplayer app is so awful. Geoff Just read that iplayer is now working ok. Just the "loading" logo and spinning circle on screen Wotsit BBC iPlayer hasn't worked on any kindle fire devices for months.

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Does anyone know if they sold this model (or others) over the last six months knowing these things didn’t work but never bothered to note this to potential buyers? Modem is ok checked by Virgin Media. Bbc Iplayer Roku Usa The error I get on my Roku 3 is "Video Unavailable". Roku Bbc Iplayer Not Working b.

Sarah N I have the same problem. Again. me Iplayer still wont load on xbox one, have uninstalled & installed. I've changed nothing. Bbc On Roku Usa

I can load the page, but when I press play I just get the message "This content doesn't seem to be working". if you experience any other @lizbizfizz help, the bbc iplayer changed its rules and my vpn doesn't work, has anyone fixed this yet @RayDraper2 why can't bbc control who watches iplayer We also hear about problems with the video streaming through BBC iPlayer and a loss of quality, which could be due to network speed and ISP routing issues. I've sent messages to the BBC but nothing has changed.

Carol Shorty Williams yep iplayer and itv player down on mine too Carol Shorty Williams I have had the same problem, i tried bbc i player also, when i click to Roku Iplayer Radio issue this morning - download speed fine but all services such as itv player, iplayer etc 1/2 @_C_L_D @bbc #iplayer isnt working on my phone. Anyone with the same problem ?

Tony H I have the same problem on my Techwood 4K smart tv I bought today.

Mick BBC iPlayer isn't working for me, it keeps crashing. Manufacturer Year Device Type Model Roku 2011 IPTV Media Player Roku 2 LT 2400EU Roku 2011 IPTV Media Player Roku 2 XS 3100EU Roku 2013 IPTV Media Player Roku 3 4200EU On BD-F6500 blu ray player. Orphan Black Roku Is on demand down or is it just me???

Bill This is the third time iPlayer crashed for me today, it's works when streaming through youtube, so why problems? I've been using DNS Smart Proxy and I can't access neither Demand 5 nor BBC, however I've switched (trial) to another service and it's working flawlessly. Here is ahelpful guideon which shows they have and how soon you will be able to access them. There are free channels on Roku such as BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, and BBC Sport that you can unblock on your Roku in Spain by simply using Smart DNS for instance.

BBC does not support the device.You have discovered the why it's not a good idea to purchase devices in one market and attempt to use them in another. simple log in linked to a licence holder? @jacktionman had loads of issues visiting @bbc website today. Now Trending: Watch Brazil Grand Prix ... john kirk Recently bought a sony bravia smart tv but none of the bbc apps ( iplayer, bbc sport and bbc news) will play anything.

If I connect a secondary router to my ‘main’ router, does that literally just mean connecting the two devices with a LAN cable? just shows can not load plugin. Joe Mine too. The Roku is a fantastic streaming set-top-box, and America's favourite at least as far as sales go.

Jan Oliver BBC iplayer not worked on my Samsung Smart TV for around 2 weeks.