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Bbc Iplayer Not Working On Ipad 2014


me Iplayer still wont load on xbox one, have uninstalled & installed. IPlayer on older Samsung tv works fine though. Broadband is running no probs elsewhere Bob Anyone got probs with player…hard wired into smart tv…works on wifi in ipad but not through tv - other apps work but not bbc if you experience any other @lizbizfizz help, the bbc iplayer changed its rules and my vpn doesn't work, has anyone fixed this yet @RayDraper2 why can't bbc control who watches iplayer http://emhsoft.net/bbc-iplayer/bbc-iplayer-radio-not-working-on-ipad-2014.php

To My I player. Samsung denied there was an issue at all for me. Jess Nightmare, seems to go down most days now. ← Google Nexus 9 vs. it does work on sony bluray. http://iplayerhelp.external.bbc.co.uk/tv/programme_latest_issues

Iplayer Radio Not Working

Pam N BBC IPlayer has not been working since May 2015 BBC and BT Vision have been no use and we keep getting passed from one to another. I've uninstalled and re install it. Other Apps fine (itv, all4 etc.) Iplayer working fine on the iPad and computer browser.

Mick BBC iPlayer isn't working for me, it keeps crashing. Whether on my PC or iPAD, iPlayer hasn't been working properly either today or yesterday. ninja_hepek +1 on this. Bbc Iplayer Error 02001 They say they are aware…and investigating….Oh goody!

Brenbilbao On my PC I have the same problem as Charlie Watson below. "The content doesn't seem to be working. Bbc Iplayer Not Working On Samsung Smart Tv jacqui Ir has been around 3 weeks now since the picture on my tablet has suddenly become fuzzy and distorted whilst trying to watch my favourites on BBC iPlayer. Ste I player not working for me, works on my iPad but not on catch up. trebor unable to download any IPLAYER content on my Samsung smart TV as of this afternoon …have the BBC upgraded the SW today vetty303 Havent been able to stream or download

Any ideas? Bbc Iplayer Not Working On Android According to a report over on BBC News, the issue is down to a fault with Apple's platform. Can also access player through my iPad on the same wifi as TV. Does anyone know what is going on?

Bbc Iplayer Not Working On Samsung Smart Tv

Help! http://www.product-reviews.net/2014/10/15/bbc-iplayer-not-working-on-ipad-or-iphone/ Any one had the same problem? Iplayer Radio Not Working Submit Close Most reported problems: iPlayer on Smart TV (46%) iPlayer Mobile apps (30%) iPlayer on iPad (23%) View past issues Resolved issues: 13 October: Problems at iPlayer 12 October: Problems Bbc Iplayer Not Working On Smart Tv not a router problem.

Sent from the iMore App 0 2 years ago Reply Jonas Slough III Yeah. this page no matter how good your connection is, it just gives up working whenever it feels like it. @Comptinator the wii u iplayer app is so awful. Mark Can't get iplayer to work on my iPhone and it keeps telling me "info not available". And what changed in iOS that stopped just these apps from working, and yet allows a backdate to work? Bbc Iplayer Not Working On Lg Smart Tv

This latest outage comes just a few days since previous problems with bbc.co.uk/iplayer. Weird. Typical Rose BBC iplayer isn't opening for me, does everyone have problems? http://emhsoft.net/bbc-iplayer/bbc-iplayer-for-ipad-not-working.php Whizzyuk Been having problems on my LG Smart TV for days now.

are working. Bbc Iplayer This Content Doesn't Seem To Be Working Has anyone else got this problem? If you turn the wifi connection off and reconnect, you should be able to watch successfully.

The full page is displayed with all the programmes showing but i cannot click on anything!

Note 4 users need to unite to sort this problem!! We use cookies on this website. Lo Tech My BBC radio iPlayer stopped working on an Lenovo Android 4 device around July 2016 and has not worked since. Bbc Iplayer Problems Streaming HELP!

This reveals some major problems right now, also we've seen around 700 tweets in just a few minutes reporting BBC iPlayer is down. And no success since upgrade of iPlayer whatsoever. Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 23.34.30.png 980.8K 0 steveps3 Posts: 16Members ✭✭ July 2014 edited July 2014 Its showing on the ipad. useful reference Last firmware for my tv was in September.

and restore iPlayer service as it was for those with no BBC radio and want round-the-house BBC reception. Elaine Mary McAllister Anyone heard from Samsung or BBC about us not being able to to get iplayer on our Smart TVs bought from Currys UK? It used to work fine but whatever program i choose it says its not available. It works on all iPad and iPhones!

A workaround for me at least for now as I only really use iPlayer for catching up with the specialist DJ's that are on at the wee hours of the day! iPlayer Radio app still functions as it should but looks rubbish on the iPad as it's not native. Pete Richardson Same here. never had this in the past.

Have now found Internet Radio UK. In fact nothing on the news channel is coming up. Any thoughts? Steve I have a Samsung H Series TV… Via VPN can watch iPlayer programs but not live streams….

All the time.