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Background Image Not Working In External Css


Arrows for morphisms of exact sequences yes | apt-get install --fix-broken Bochner's formula on surfaces using moving coframes What are some ways that fast, long-distance communications can exist without needing to Not the answer you're looking for? I've now linked to it as an external file, everything is styled but it's not bringing in the background images. Not the answer you're looking for? click site

asked 4 years ago viewed 8945 times active 4 years ago Upcoming Events 2016 Community Moderator Election ends in 9 days Linked 172 Is quoting the value of url() really necessary? I was thinking about the HTML files and in my head, I was including the CSS in your HTML files, instead of them being in the proper "css" folder, as is Plus I also gave an alternative to your answer. Not the answer you're looking for? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11408980/background-image-referenced-in-external-css-is-not-loading

How To Set Background Image In Html Using External Css

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This is I hope this will clear some things up. This is exactly what I have between the head tags in the HTML and below the title tags: Chase James 28,979 Points Chase James Chase James 28,979 If you like being able to write all of the properties into one declaration, then use the 2nd method.

PRO L McLean Pro Student 5,329 Points L McLean L McLean Pro Student 5,329 Points over 3 years ago body {background-image: url ('../img/white_brick_wall.png');} James Barnett Front End Web Development Treehouse Moderator So, I put the images in the folder in my sublime text editor. Dystopian future book: false news reports, personal ID device called smokes Limit dealing with a function that verifies a certain functional equation Why do most microwaves open from the right to Css Background Image Not Showing Dystopian future book: false news reports, personal ID device called smokes What is a positive descriptor for someone that doesn't care about anything/is always neutral?

The issue is that the a.btn-pToolName is marked as display: block. Add Image To Css Stylesheet L McLean Pro Student 5,329 Points L McLean L McLean Pro Student 5,329 Points >3y ago Thank you for that information. :) Chase James 28,979 Points Chase James Chase James 28,979 Thanks for the answers! –Shimmy MuffinPenguin Schwartz Jul 10 '12 at 11:33 Don't forget to look into the other answers. –Liquid Jul 10 '12 at 12:37 add a comment| I can worry about replacing the crap code (generated by SeaMonkey), later, as with replacing the iframes, with something more "modern".

I have my root with the index.html inside, a css folder (with css file inside) inside the root, and the img folder (with images inside) inside the root. External Css Example Read about animatable Version: CSS1 + new values in CSS3 JavaScript syntax: object.style.backgroundImage="url(smiley.gif)" Try it Browser Support The numbers in the table specify the first browser version that fully supports the Tip: Always set a background-color to be used if the image is unavailable. Any suggestions?

Add Image To Css Stylesheet

This "|" is a pipe character. https://teamtreehouse.com/community/css-external-stylesheet-and-background-image But you're using very old techniques and deprecated attributes. How To Set Background Image In Html Using External Css http://imgur.com/pRUUdiU Chase James 28,979 Points Chase James Chase James 28,979 Points over 3 years ago So you need to go up one directory by adding ../ right before img. Css Background Image External Url The background of an element is the total size of the element, including padding and border (but not the margin).

Very small transformer powering a microwave oven Plural acronym verb form: "PGCs stand for" vs. "PGCs stands for" Can leaked nude pictures damage one's academic career? http://emhsoft.net/background-image/background-image-none-not-working.php Examples might be simplified to improve reading and basic understanding. body{ background-image:url(../images/background-grid.jpg); background-repeat:repeat; } Here is a site that gives some Basics of CSS. PRO L McLean Pro Student 5,329 Points L McLean L McLean Pro Student 5,329 Points over 3 years ago http://imgur.com/pRUUdiU Thank you! How To Put Background Image In Css From A Folder

Save stylesheet.css and refresh your browser. The percentage and length as well as center, left and right are used for indenting. The big element is no longer supported. navigate to this website For more information about the background shorthand property, check out this MDN page: Background.

Now I only have a PC, and can't afford the cloud versions. (until I build my client list up for photography that is). Css External Style Sheet Marty-Woodcock # June 29, 2014 at 8:03 am Ricky55 What browser are you using? Overstay as a minor in USA.

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That said, perhaps there's a setting to export more strict code? Hot Network Questions What are the benefits of referential transparency to a programmer? background: url('images-path') no-repeat 00; share|improve this answer edited May 18 '15 at 4:33 answered Feb 20 '11 at 6:04 user621162 1 background-image will break if you include position and repeat How To Add Background Image In Css In otherwords, a reduced test case.

Refresh your web browser. more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed This is a special case, because it's actually a replacement image to represent actual text. my review here Thank you for teaching me about imgur!

Search Log In Sign Up Blog Videos Almanac Snippets Forums Shop Lodge Jobs Forums Get help. Especially with so many web-enabled phones these days, you shouldn't make the assumption that spans will always have a background. share|improve this answer edited Jul 3 '15 at 4:37 ArK 8,8643280128 answered Jul 3 '15 at 4:15 user3427015 23 Or you could just search google png to jpg converter... The CSS file is in a folder called "stylesheets", named "main.css".

This means that you can use either one of those you listed because when you use the background property, you can declare what you want inside of it (although the order Shouldn't the code: direct to my css page with the mark up? Does the Rothschild family own most central banks? So you'd have

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or similiar and style it like this: .logo { width: 212px; height: 212px; float: left; text-indent: -1000px; } Now someone will come along and say

add the background image automatically from the variable etc.