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Asp Net Meta Resourcekey Not Working


It seems that the resourcekey property is not supported by asp.net controls, and the meta:ResourceKey is not supported by DNN Please can you tell me how to localize an asp:label , Function to find all occurrences of substring Can I sell a stock immediately? Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up ASP.NET meta:resourcekey up vote 28 down vote favorite 6 I'm looking at an ASP.NET application which makes heavy use of meta:resourcekey which I then open Test.aspx.de-DE.resx, add a row with the same name as before, and set the value to "Hallo, Welt!".

In my code-behind (yes, I'm using asp.net 4.0) I simply check for a specific user and role combination. When I run the page, nothing shows up! Behind the scenes the ww.resourceEditor class is used to retrieve all data-resource-id elements in the page. Below are the screenshots of the menus in English and French: How to localize a string programmatically? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/755384/asp-net-metaresourcekey

What Is Meta:resourcekey

These files have the extension .resx and must be named like the page. License This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL) Share email twitter facebook linkedin reddit google+ About the Author DotNetIdeas Here’s an example using server side Razor syntax in ASP.NET MVC or WebPages:

@DbRes.T("PageTitle", "LocalizationForm")
@LocalizationForm.HelloWorld The example demonstrates both the string based DbRes

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I don't want to use VB code to do that Can it be done on the Source of the Page ? Asp.net Global Resources meta:resourceKey - 3. All rights reserved. you could check here For example, key name Button1."Text".

This allows not only for localization, but also for basic CMS like features that allow for admin editable user content in the page. You can then set the URL of a control using a resource expression that specifies a string resource to the appropriate path. Add weight to one side of a see-saw to balance it How to respond when someone praises about my Japanese? In this example, a file with the name Default.aspx.resx is created.

Asp.net Global Resources

DNN products and technology are the foundation for 750,000+ websites worldwide. http://www.dnnsoftware.com/forums/threadid/184205/scope/posts/please-help-metaresourcekey-isnt-working In testing on a variety of forms and applications I find that in most cases the resource editing works fairly well, shifting things on the page slightly but not drastically. What Is Meta:resourcekey Why doesn't the UK produce hazelnuts, chestnuts and walnuts, despite having suitable climatic and horticultural conditions? Asp:localize How to reproduce the error:I created a new project, added a new Web form, included a new ASPxMenu and 2 menuItems.

Localize DevExpress ASP.NET controls using Satellite Resource Assemblies; 2. I do the same for Test.aspx.es-ES.resx, where I set the value to "Hola, mundo!". Getting the Resource Linking to Work The markup above on its own doesn’t provide the linking features – a bit of script code and CSS markup is required to provide the Instead, it will give you a quick reference about localization of commonly used contents on an ASP.NET page including ASP.NET server controls, HTML content, SiteMap, and other resources. Getlocalresourceobject

Isn't AES-NI useless because now the key length need to be longer? This process worked well at the time, but it’s extremely limited to WebForms for one, and also adds a ton of overhead on the server when resource icons are rendered as Browse other questions tagged asp.net or ask your own question. DNN Corp. (DotNetNuke) DNN provides a suite of solutions for creating rich, rewarding online experiences for customers, partners and employees.

A stupid cipher? The generated icons will default to a .Text property if it exists, and otherwise use the first localizable property available. No Flaming or Trolling.

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If you have a menu using a SiteMap in your page, you may need to call menu.DataBind() in the Page_Load event or set EnableViewState to false. Dealing With Dragonslayers How to respond when someone praises about my Japanese? I see the label being rendered, but its text has no value. If you want more control and hook enabling and disabling of resource linking to your own application logic you explicitly enable and disable the resource linking:@if (allowResourceEditing) { script

It's now in Spanish. The resources in the file use the naming convention resourcekey."property". When you click on “English”, the page will switch to English culture; click on “Français”, it will switch to French. The process works by requiring a data-resource-id and data-resource-set attribute to be present on elements.

Click on “Add App_GlobalResources” from the sub-menu. For a list of culture names, see the "Culture Names and Identifiers" table in CultureInfo. This is the folder where we place local resources, each of them specific to a file in your project. Your three resource files should now all have a row with the name of "lblHelloWorld.Text", and a localized version of the Hello world string.

In the new version of Westwind.Globalization you now have a choice between using the same mechanism I described above, of manually marking up HTML or Control markup using the data-resource-id and I am new to DNN. But I guess the difference is clear from the examples: with the first approach you specify just one resource key, while with the second approach you have to specify the resource ResourceKey is the name of a resource in the specified class.

Westwind.Globalization is a localization library for .NET that allows storing resources in various kinds of databases (MS SQL, MySql, SqLit, SqlCe) which makes it much more dynamic to create, edit and The following screenshot is when the language is set to English in Internet Explorer. No vendor trolling / poaching. Please refer to the DevExpress.com Website Terms of Use for more information.

For example, you may have a file called SiteMapLocalizations.fr.resx for French. First up is the CultureInfo class though, since it's used heavily when doing localization. Brandon Brandon Haynes BrandonHaynes.org Page 1 of 1 Previous Next HomeUsing DNN Platf...Language and In...Please Help meta:ResourceKey isn't working These Forums are dedicated to discussion of The element is absolutely positioned with the CSS so it sits right on top of the source element in the top left corner.

If you are using meta:resourcekey tags, you can also use a custom WebForms control I’ll describe later on, that can automatically generate the data-resource-id link icon for any WebForms control that How do unlimited vacation days work? For the benefit of the community and to protect the integrity of the ecosystem, please observe the following posting guidelines: No Advertising.