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Asp Net Login Not Working

So make sure you are entering the correct password. if(FormsAuthentication.GetRedirectUrl (txtUserName.Text,false)=="/appliedbioscience/index.aspx") -- Daniel Fisher(lennybacon) MCP C# ASP.NET Blog: [url]http://www.lennybacon.com/[/url] "Matt Owens" wrote in message news:422201c4abae$0f994a60$a301280aphx.gbl... >I have a login page which does not redirect the user once > the Member 43463347-Apr-12 6:52 Member 43463347-Apr-12 6:521 Saved My Life! EDIT: Here is the markup:

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Either your email address or password was incorrect. navigate here

Solution 6 Accept Solution Reject Solution Hand-rolling ASP.NET security is a pretty complicated task, and isn't just a matter of putting some code in each page (or a superclass), this methodolgy is pretty HashAlgorithmType Attribute If your passwordFormat = Hashed (i.e.=1), see there is no change in the type of algorithm used for hashing on development machine and hosting machine. So I will be discussing some points which I have assembled from my own experience as well as from others. Vinny Brown April 17, 2014 # re: Forms Auth loginUrl not working after Windows Update? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/62013/problem-with-login-control-of-asp-net

It failed without generating a "Failure Text" message 2 times and then logged in on the 3rd try. connectionStringName="MembershipProvider" Other Reasons / Checklist / Troubleshooting Are you using Authenticate event of Login Control If you are calling Membership.ValidateUser method or any other mechanism to authenticate, don't forget Final Solution: Edited copy of web.config at C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\YOURWEBPROJECTNAME\web.config, I don’t know where the settings are that System.Web.Security.Membership points to the published location, vice the projects development location on G: Drive, or gsark, 5 May 2009 CPOL 2.88 (9 votes) 1 2 3 4 5 2.88/5 - 9 votesμ 2.88, σa 3.27 [?] Rate this: Please Sign up or sign in to

His website is not properly secured if he can display anything other than public pages without logging in. See more: ASP.NET Hi, I am facing a problem with login in my website (asp.net C#). share|improve this answer edited Sep 15 '08 at 10:15 answered Sep 15 '08 at 9:53 Rik 18.2k103657 Strange, but it worked. GO OUT AND VOTE union of subset and span proof Why Would the President-elect have a Transition Visit before December 19?

You can quickly check this using the following snippet: protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { Response.Write (Membership.HashAlgorithmType); } Now if you see they are the same not a problem, but Collateral problems: I was heavily multitasking at the time, and changes had been made to numerous parts of the project, which clouded the symptoms of this problem. If it failure to remove a name is there any way to get that info, and do you have any other ideas. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7417376/my-asp-net-4-login-stopped-working-why You made changes to the connection string.

Thanks for your help >-----Original Message----- >Hi Matt > >> That line detects whether the user has come to the login >> page from the homepage(index.aspx) and if so re-directs >> Browse other questions tagged asp.net c#-4.0 aspnetdb or ask your own question. The additional loop for us was with the new Microsoft.Aspnet.WebHelpers library replacing the old version. Code for the login button: private void _btnLogin_Click(object sender, System.Web.UI.ImageClickEventArgs e) { if (IsValidUser(txtUserName.Text, txtPassword.Text)) //interacts with the database.

Should I report it? Please send code snippet. The configuration settings in the site are as they were in the download, I have just added users. If it is working in any way, that fits to me.

Milan Jaroš28-May-12 11:12 Milan Jaroš28-May-12 11:121 I did the same fail as at least two guys as I can see from comments. share|improve this answer answered Sep 15 '08 at 10:10 Chris Driver 97411114 I don't use SSL. So you will have to set this explicitly. .... Setting Membership Provider in web.config If you are setting custom provider settings in web.config, the bold settings below are Shortform: Having problems with Membership.ValidateUser?

This started happening after I changed the membership and connection string settings in machine.config to experiment, which I changed to default later i.e.: Here's the connection string settings: his comment is here I can't debug this > remotely as I do not have the necessary permissions > however the code is the same so I can't see how this > would differ. >

Just naming it something else (userLogin.aspx, for example) solved it for me. Add the following into your web.config file : The default value apparently here is true which causes the automatic forms auth redirection. cookie.Expires = DateTime.Now.Add(new TimeSpan(30, 12, 30, 0)); Response.Cookies.Add (cookie); string strUrl = FormsAuthentication.GetRedirectUrl ( TextBox1.Text, CheckBox1.Checked ); Response.Redirect( strUrl ); Ldraw Guest December 30th,06:48 PM #8 Re: Redirect not working As

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This is it so far. Did I cheat? Strange, anyway. –Biri Sep 16 '08 at 6:51 Great! If there are any errors or any good stuff missing, please point it out so others can find the solution in one place.

It doesn't actually log me in, and it just looks like it refreshes the page. This will likely affect any WebForms application that has been updated to .NET 4.0 or later (definitely 4.5). When I try to log in I get a message that I could not log in. How does Gandalf end up on the roof of Isengard?

Pl. Terms of Service Layout: fixed | fluid CodeProject, 503-250 Ferrand Drive Toronto Ontario, M3C 3G8 Canada +1 416-849-8900 x 100 × Sign up for our free weekly Web Developer Newsletter. 12,584,591 However, I double checked my live Windows 2008 original server online and it works just fine with those same updates installed. Cause: I was creating a Development and Test version of the project and changed the web.config settings to point to the Development database.

Etc. Suppose you are copy/pasting the password from a file or somewhere, accidentally a space is added while copying it. Whats strange is it works perfectly on my localhost when debugging, however it fails to redirect when depolyed to a remote server. I think there is a problem with the connection to the DB for membership.

Otherwise they are taken to the login page when they try to access some restricted content and are redirected back to the page where they tried to download the content from. And if I manually put Label1 and type Label1.Text = HttpContext.Current.User.Identity.Name;, its still not working. I went through all steps. When I go to: http://localhost/admin/ It redirects me to http://localhost/Login.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fadmin%2fDefault.aspx Which is fine.