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Apple Tv 2 Wifi Not Working After Jailbreak

thanks a lot for all the work. but fully understand, thanks for the hard work and the support. Thanks for the great time on the ATV2 and nothing compares to the feeling I had on my first JAILBREAK and XBMC install. It is LITERALLY maintenance free. have a peek here

Thanks for all the hard work! any help will be much appreciated . daveybfire Feb 26, 2015 A massive thank you for the hours and hours of enjoyment you have brought for my family and friends. Thanks for bringing XBMC to ATV2, and thanks for the years of support! https://firecore.com/forum/topic/7557

If your Apple TV doesn't respond or is bricked when you perform the on-device restore, you should restore it via iTunes instead. We also boast an active community focused on purchasing decisions and technical aspects of the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac platforms. Jul Apr 26, 2015 ASUS CHROMEBOX WITH OPENELEC IS GREAT Jimmy May 03, 2015 Hello, turned my Apple TV on today, it's running Kodi 14.1, supposedly the last released and discontinued This should fix up your wifi issues.

This option will solve most of your problems - almost all of the time. Your 1 smart mother "F'er " & I mean that in a good way. The Apple TV 3 has their support, unfortunately it has yet to be jailbroken. Joel Jan 31, 2015 Please name a few.

THank you soo much for this as got it finally working.. Immediately jailbroke with GP RC6 before going through first time set up. I moved from Xbox1>ATV1>Xios DS>NUC and this is the first one that has played EVERYTHING I've thrown at it without breaking a sweat, including 30GB Blu Ray rips and 4K video. why not try these out Took EXACTLY same steps as kevinsgill....have same exact problem with WIFI  Log in or register to post comments #3April 2, 2012 - 3:36pm iksg_photo Offline Joined: Mar 2012 Posts: 16 Thanks

How to fix some mysterious problems.

AppleTV: lost WiFi? 6 Jailbroke my ATV2 with GP RC6, but after a reboot I lost WiFi and no networks showed up in the yippppeee ATV1 with crystalbuntu (12.2 frodo) as main theater. It doesn't cover everything, there aren't that many buttons on the remote, but the most used are there, play, pause etc and the remote can be operated easily by touch in I want to personally give a big thanks to both of them for all they have done with the box.

Job Done, your apple TV should be untethered and fully usable with full wifi and ethernet. http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/apple-tv-2-jailbreak-problems.1693181/ TaiG provides an iOS 8.4 and 8.3 untethered jailbreak. Disabling this (if currently in use) seems to resolve a number of issues related to restoring in iTunes.2. What device do you recommend as an alternative?

I fully understand the decision, nevertheless its kinda sad. navigate here Jsauce3206 1,077,941 views 9:25 Jailbreak apple tv 2 and install Kodi (XBMC) - Duration: 12:11. We're currently looking into a more complete fix. Now you can connect your Apple TV to check that the problem has been fixed.

There are some mentions of WLAN failing and such. 0 Eligos Posts: 185Members ✭✭ March 2011 Gryph wrote: Kinda nice to hear others are having the same problems. Log in or register to post comments #2April 2, 2012 - 2:19pm vintageb3 Offline Joined: Dec 2010 Posts: 30 kevinsgill wrote: ATV2 with the most recent iOS on it and jailbroken link answered 13 Feb '11, 01:13 nerual13 61●1 1 Hey dude same happened to me till i jailbroke with seas0npass i know its tethered but at least the wifi works if http://emhsoft.net/apple-tv/apple-tv-3-wifi-not-working.php will see how it goes. (12 Feb '11, 20:33) rjb I did the same.

Once completed, just set it up as you would normally. I'm currently using atv2 with 5.3 seas pass jb, and atv flash black 2.5. The memory of the AppleTV2 is limited to 256MB and each time Apple decides to push a new app to it (like Netflix) there is less free memory for us.

great mark up, built an HTPC, and just recently bought Firetv and loaded KODi…it runs like butter spoc Feb 11, 2015 not so sure why to say thank you for …many

if someone could please lend me a hand thank you very much. Toze Feb 15, 2015 That's sad but totally understandable. Without this work XBMC/Kodi would never have been able to support the iOS platform at all, and yet today it remains alive and well on numerous tablets and phones. weewee Jan 29, 2015 Time to move on to Ouya.

It'll definitely fix the wifi issues. 0 Gryph Posts: 21Members February 2011 bvkakalot wrote: Go to NitoTV, istall the first one in the list "openSSH". Blog Download Wiki Bugtracker Search Help Create Account Login Thanks Chris Apr 24, 2015 I forgot to add. this contact form It's really odd because I don't think it's a Plex specific problem as it seems to lose wifi connectivity if left on at the home menu as well.

bill Jan 28, 2015 Just bought a Roku 3. $80 plus $5 for Plex and I have what I wanted the AppleTV with XBMC to be. Anyone have any ideas? (13 Feb '11, 16:52) skim32 I had the same problem. and if your not streaming tv or movies the ouya has other potential with its games and emulators DeeDub Jan 31, 2015 if you don't mind spending a bit more I Also wanted to thank Scott Davilla and Edgar Huceke for the awesome & amazing work much respects.

If your media center can handle those it can handle anything. RIP APPLE TV ade Jan 30, 2015 Plenty of better android boxes around anyway like the mini neo x8h plus. I agree… the hardware is getting a little long in the tooth and have already been shopping around for a one of the cheap small (full) computer systems to replace it. ATV was a great introduction to XBMC/Kodi and I've been enjoying it thoroughly since.

dudeslife Jan 28, 2015 sad to see but thankfully the Amazon FireTV has taken the AppleTV ball and ran with it. Carl V Jan 28, 2015 If moving away from AppleTVs what should I look to for a replacement device? Update (2/16/2010): NitoTV recently posted on their twitter account the the wifi issue appears to be related to SSH -- they recommend that you grab OpenSSH from the top of the If you are currently using an AppleTV2 for Kodi, you may already have realised how the quality of the XBMC/Kodi experience has degraded on the device since the release of Frodo.

Bahndit Jan 29, 2015 Carl V, I would recommend an ASUS Chromebox @ $159.99. But I do beg the question, will there be any more targets that will stop receiving support? phaze1 Feb 28, 2015 Not to worrie ATV-2 owners just because Nemphiz has decided to hang the gloves up & I'm greatful for what he has done he's battled & fought Fritz Boyle Jan 28, 2015 i am sad for atv2 and hopeful for atv3 Jonathan Flanagan Jan 28, 2015 New to this, I've got a Apple TV 2 atm running 14.0,

You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Profiles: Google, Twitter Most Read Articles How To Reduce Size of WinSXS Find Local IP Address Google Chrome - No Plugin Available to Display this Content I love the Apple TV for AirPlay. The bug relating to the AppleTV forgetting wireless networks has been a known issue in all AppleTV jailbreaks to this point. Update: The wifi bug was partially fixed in 0.6.6.